About Cashjams.com:


  • To change and improve the independent music scene.
  • To Empower Artists and reward their Fans.
  • To provide a way and a reason for struggling musicians to continue pursuing their dreams.
  • To give back


Cashjams.com was created to assist artists, songwriters, and bands in finding a way to do what they love for a living. When you think "musician," you think about ramen noodles, a barren studio apartment with a guitar in the corner, a nine to five during the day, and gigging late at night. Cashjams.com gives artists an opportunity to have their music heard by larger audiences, and make money while they sleep.

When an Artist uploads one of their songs onto Cashjams.com, the song becomes available to be streamed, purchased, or “promoted” by any user of the Cashjams.com community.

  • Q. What does it mean to “promote” a song?
  • A. To “Promote” a song, a user pays the Artist of the song for permission to “promote” the song for thirty (30) day. From there, the user (now Promoter) is given a link to post to social media sites to advertise and generate sales for the song strictly from the Cashjams.com Platform (Don’t worry, your iTunes and other outlets are still yours). When the Promoter sells a song, they get the money, and pay a royalty back to the Artist.

By allowing your fans to promote your music for monetary gain, it incentivizes them to really get the word out. It is a power of numbers strategy that focuses on the big picture: Increasing your fan base.


Music fans are hands down, the most loyal fans in any industry. It is time that they are properly rewarded for their passion. Cashjams.com recognizes the importance of music fans, and has created a way for fans to share in the success of their favorite artists.

A music fan become a Promoter: Music fans already do plenty of promoting for their favorite music, but there is little incentive to find new or unknown bands and artists. Cashjams.com allows any user to become a “Promoter” for any song on Cashjams.com. By simply paying the artist for promotional rights to their music, you now have the ability to make money from someone else’s music. If you find the right song, you have the potential to sell hundreds, maybe even thousands of copies. Not only will you be assisting in launching an artist’s career, but you will be making money in the process.

Cashjams As A Company:

Cashjams, Inc. is based in Orange County, California. As a company, we would love nothing more than to assist in introducing undiscovered talents to the world on a daily basis. There are so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and we want to be the site where they are found. We make it our priority to facilitate and expedite this process, and allow all the parties involved an opportunity to reap the benefits.


The people at Cashjams have been blessed in more ways than one, and giving back to this world and the people who aren't as fortunate is the least we can do. We hope that all of our users share in this belief and embrace the business model we have created. For every transaction on Cashjams.com, five (5) percent is donated to a non-profit organization. Users have the ability of selecting which charity receives the donation by choosing from a list of pre-determined non-profit organizations. Every month, the donations shall be delivered to the charities. With your help, we have the capability of doing some great things!

Cashjams.com was created by artists with a passion for music, the people that create it and the people that appreciate it. We truly value your feedback, and promise to make Cashjams.com the #1 site for independent artists and music fans.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you to the best of our abilities!


The Cashjams Staff